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Current Initiatives

Remote Learning

PUMP Virtual Mentoring

In light of the global pandemic, we have created a virtual learning program.

This program is free and open to ALL students from 3rd - 12th grade! 

We offer weekly, private 1-on-1 support with one of our trained mentors.

You can choose from academics, Social Emotional Mental, and financial literacy.  This is a 10 week program, and requires a commitment from the family to meet consistently every week. In order to participate, you need a computer or tablet with reliable internet. We use free and accessible tools such as Google Meet or Zoom, and we use various tools for growth along the way such as Khan Academy or journaling in a notebook. 

You can apply now using our student application link above or feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Multi-Storey Library

PUMP Virtual Mentoring

Please apply if you are interested in becoming a volunteer PUMP mentor for the youth. We accept mentors from all fields of math, science, english & humanities. Sign up to learn and be trained in the art of teaching in a virtual educational environment. Our goal is to not only provide students with academic growth but also to provide aspiring educators with a chance to learn how to teach and mentor the youth. We provide training workshops and continuous support throughout our academic programs to ensure you are growing as an educator and adapting to virtual learning.

Past Initiatives

Elmhurst, Queens


Our endeavors in Queens began in Elmhurst, where the founders were raised. In the summer of 2018, we led two free courses open to all students of the community - SAT and SHSAT. This was held at St James Episcopal Church.  We served a class of 20 high school and 20 middle school students for a 9-week program. The program consisted of weekly mock exams, subject-specific reviews led by three different mentors, and mentorship that aught skills beyond the classroom. This program was successful in cultivating self-awareness, as well as increasing test scores of all students. We also prepared the juniors and seniors in high school for college. Our students were attentive and enthusiastic in participating with our program, which integrated emotion centered discussions along with academics. We invited various guest speakers to inspire students and show them the opportunities available to them. This was a unique and rewarding experience that we were able to plant in our hometown of Queens.

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PUMP Harlem Team
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Initiatives: Programs

West Harlem, NYC


Our endeavors in West Harlem began with our guest speaker Atiba Cumberbatch. After speaking to our students in Queens, he invited us to explore the possibility of hosting the program for the community of West Harlem. We began planning with community leader Alicia Barksdale and the passionate educator Evan Miller over the course a few months. Although we had no funding at the time, our efforts were supported by various offices in the city such as Manhattan borough president, state senators, and assembly persons by the donation of needed resources - printing, materials, space, and food. We held a highly successful free SAT program for the youth. We empowered 20 students through academic prep, financial literacy, and life mentoring. Our guest speakers included esteemed barber and community leader Denny Mo, philosophy professor and author Dr.Brianna Toole, yoga and health instructor Kevin Tomczyk, inventor and businessman Nikunj Agarwal, and police officer Juan Valdez.

We offer this program in spring every year to the youth of NYC.

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