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About Us


We are a non-profit organization that exists to educate and empower the communities of the world. We do this through our free programs for the youth and adults in various facets of life. PUMP Initiative is a sister of the partner company PopUpMentorshiP Inc. 

Simply, we are people from different walks of life that came together for one purpose - to give back. We are people of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds. We know what it's like to struggle without support and we strive to provide opportunity for those going through the same. We are always open to growing our team!

Our Mission

Our goal is to mentor the youth to become self-aware, fulfilled, and capable of navigating the world. While our programs are based in academic support, our focus is always to mentor our students to their greatest potential. We value community, connection, and education. Our decentralized approach to education allows us to bring this opportunity to every community with willing representatives that will help us organize the resources we need.

Our Story

PUMP Initiative began as a way to give back. The original team was Gunin, Manpreet, and Sandesh who grew up in Queens. In the summer of 2018, we led two courses in Elmhurst, Queens, where we provided a free SAT and SHSAT program open to all students in the community. By the end of the summer, our project drew the attention of Atiba Cumberbatch, Alicia  Barksdale, and Evan Miller, who saw the value of this program being implemented in West Harlem. After months of  meeting to understand the needs of the community and organize our resources, we officially established the 501(c)(3) organization and our first official program: PUMP Harlem. We began as a team effort of educators, community leaders, and industry professionals dedicated to bringing free education to those in need.


We continue growing our team with like minded individuals, along with creating programs to educate and empower the youth!

Our Vision

We are continuously improving our approach to this mission. Our goals for the future are to continue empowering students and expand our range of communities, mentors, growth partners, and educational subject. We intend to expand our services from academic education to creative arts, health & fitness, financial literacy, and life skills. We are continuously growing our team with dedicated and versatile mentors from different industries, along with collaborating with various organizations and institutions.

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